widening the shooting range

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Not content with the new machine gun and sniper tower, I’ve now widened the range to add more targets.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for some very exciting news about live fire guns for you to use!!

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  1. Just a comment in passing I used to belong to a local small bore rifle club and now I’m retired I’m lookin for something else in the shooting line that captures the imagination , as a small lad I was always glued to westerns on the TV and still the fascination is there it would be nice to have some where locally to go and try out the old Colt 45s and 44.40s , I know that it would mean you having to have a full bore licence etc so it would be out of the question , but you could still experience the same feel and atmosphere with blank firing and or decommissioned weapons , perhaps a Western Gun Club that could have a membership . Just a thought , anyway you would have your first member here , ok verbal meanderings over sorry to bent your ears . Many thanks . David .

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