Shield SMS Centre Dot Sight

Original price was: £612.00.Current price is: £599.00.


Shield SMS Centre Dot Sight

Original price was: £612.00.Current price is: £599.00.

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Switchable interface rifle sight

4 sights in 1

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Shield has improved their military-tested red dot sight, the CQB/CQS, by adding four switchable reticles and brightness adjustment settings, enhancing its performance, weight, and durability. This upgrade provides both automatic adaptation to lighting conditions and a manual mode for precise customization.

Like the CQS, the SIS (Shield’s Improved Sight) incorporates an automatic light meter for glare-free use. However, a 12-level manual brightness adjustment feature offers complete control when transitioning between brightly lit and dark environments.

The SIS offers four distinct reticle options, easily switchable with a button press, giving users total control over sight configuration for specific missions. Shield’s technology operates without moving parts, ensuring reticle accuracy.

Developed based on feedback from Special Forces, Law Enforcement, and Military users worldwide, the SIS is a product of Shield’s combat-proven heritage. While the CQB was already lightweight at 2.29 ounces, the SIS manages to lower the weight further to 2.16 ounces.

The sight offers programmable reticle options for versatility.

1MOA & Ring
8MOA & Ring


Auto & Manual Brightness adjustment.


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Weight.3 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm