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We had a terrific day at the Warren. A perfect environment with a host who demonstrated true professionalism, sincere customer service skills and a genuine enthusiasm for our experience.

Probably the most noticeable thing is how you switch off the rest of the World. You become completely focused on each of the steps that keep you and the others safe whilst gaining knowledge and a sense of achievement.

The setting is perfect, a fine balance between nature and some home comforts. Whilst the birds are singing and squirrels busy themselves the deep breaths you take help you zone in on your targets.

Thank you Gary and look forward to another visit.


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I have a very much hands-on, friendly approach and I will be accompanying each and every experience and adventure no matter how small. I am always on hand to offer advice on trips and ensures your booking proceeds seamlessly. I have spent the majority of my life travelling the world, visiting some of the worlds most remote places from the coldest Arctic to the jungles of Borneo. I have also climbed some of the worlds highest peaks. I have extensive climbing, mountaineering, survival and medical skills. I am also a qualified ski instructor, first aid, PADI qualified diver and instructor. I have been taught by some of the world’s leading bushcraft/survival instructors, including the TV personality Ray Mears.

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